Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thankful For Simple Blessings!

Happy Day All!

Yesterday, I managed to get to a bit, a very small bit of thrifting...and was going to post some of the cloth-goodness I was able to purchase...but instead, I spent the day outside working and inside doing laundry. It was so windy today! What a good day to get several loads of laundry on the line! The stuff dries in no time! It brought kite flying to mind. Quite enjoyable...but you know me...I REALLY LIKE doing laundry! I'll try to share photos tomorrow.

I did get to take a few outdoor photos today while meandering around with my Home-Sweet #1 Son chatting about all the work there is to do this year around here. He's getting married in September, you know. They're trying to learn a bunch of things that will be useful for them throughout their married journey. She wants to learn handiwork, seed planting, canning...etc... They want to learn about caring for animals, and 9 of the Dixie Rainbow chicks I bought last week are theirs. I figured I couldn't go wrong at 50 cents a chick!

I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of chatting tonight, I'll share some photos I took outside today instead.  It was a lovely day even if it was windy. I enjoyed walking around with my son planning projects. We're going to be busy working AND getting ready for a wedding! This will not be a boring year for sure!

Blueberry Holes All Ready To Go!

Son #1 said he'd do it...and he did it! Notice how sandy our soil is. About a foot of topsoil and then pure river bottom sand. Not very nutritious for many plants, but blueberries don't mind bad soil, they love acid. Our yard used to be mostly pine trees, so we should be good and acid-y for them.

Pretty Bees Working In The Sun

Coming In For A Landing and  Communicating

Amazing...God's Handiwork!!! Awesome!! Notice How Fuzzy They Are!

Part of our livestock and livelihood is bees. Home-Sweet Husband keeps hives here and at a local farm. They provide beautiful dark honey for us and for many people each year. We already have orders for this year's honey...and it's not even harvested yet! It's in high demand!

This Is Lightning - He's A Proud Papa This Year!

Look at this handsome young Nigerian Dwarf buck! Home-Sweet Son #2 was astounded at how Amish looking his beard is! He's sweet too, not too rammy. He was one of the first kids to be born here two years ago. He's grown into a mighty fine buck! As I was walking past him I noticed he had hay on his head. He likes to use his horns to break up his morning hay flake. Silly boy! He smiles pretty for the camera too! What a ham!!!

He's Got A Wonderful Smile!

Flowering Quince Waking Up From A Long, Hard Winter

I have been checking on this quince for weeks now. Watching the buds get larger and larger. I was thrilled today when I went over to check it and saw buds and tiny leaves! Last year it even had one fruit on it . I think you can make quince jelly with the fruit from flowering quince. So pretty!

Well, that's a bit of my photo walk today. I was especially delighted and praised God to see the quince leaves out and the flower blossoms! I have been checking them for weeks! I like this photo and am going to send it off to my niece Alissa to make a new Spring header for me. She does a great job!

Now that Spring has arrived, we're going to be very busy doing many Home-Sweet Things! If we get to finish half of what we have planned, we'll be accomplishing much! There will be lots of hole digging for fenceposts, some butchering lessons, planting lessons and landscape things to figure out. In all our plans though we must say...'if the Lord wills'. It should be a very productive year!

Praise God for each day we have to see and appreciate the small blessings He gives. Take joy in each moment and breathe a prayer of thanksgiving for Our Heavenly Father gives us many things to enjoy, if we take the time to notice them! Thank you Father! Amen

What small blessings were you thankful for today at your Home-Sweet?


Unknown said...

I love quince, we used to eat them often in Romania when I was a kid. You can make jelly or bake with them! They are so yummy! I have a great quince tart recipe you'd love!

Unknown said...

I love quince, we used to eat them often in Romania when I was a kid. You can make jelly or bake with them! They are so yummy! I have a great quince tart recipe you'd love!